Don‘t Ignore the Elephant

Jane Garvey: Divorce is not a dirty word

December 7, 2021

How do we talk more openly about divorce? In the final episode of season one, veteran broadcaster Jane Garvey talks to me about her own experience of splitting up in the spotlight, why you should get on with your ex for the sake of your children, and how to kickstart your career when you reach ‘middle age’, whatever that might be.


Jane almost needs no introduction. After launching Radio 5 Live she spent 13 years at the helm of Woman’s Hour on Radio 4.  She now spends her days chatting about the chuff of life with her co-host Fi Glover on the soul-warming podcast Fortunately. She’s shown that there is a demand for simple, honest, female conversation and friendship. Jane went through her divorce in the spotlight and she describes adjusting to life as a single parent with humour and honesty in her and Fi’s new book, Did I Say That Out Loud?.


You can listen to Jane and Fi Glover’s podcast ‘Fortunately’ here - /


And their book ‘Did I say that out Loud?’ is available here:

The audiobook has some added extras! 


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