Don‘t Ignore the Elephant

Davinia Tomlinson: How to manage your money

November 30, 2021

Do you ever talk openly and honestly about money? Do you feel guilty or ashamed over how much you spend? Do you know how much is in your bank account at any given time? Does your partner know about your debts? Do your children know how to save for the future?


Davinia Tomlinson is founder of RainChq, an organisation promoting financial inclusion to women. She talked to me about when we should spend, when we should save, how we can talk more openly about money and why women need to feel more confident with things like investing in stocks and shares. She showed me that budgeting can be the ultimate freedom and that a pension is a must, not a maybe.


To find out more about RainChq visit


You can also hear Davinia on her own podcast ‘Let’s Make it Rain’ -


Here are some of the budgeting apps that Davinia says are a good place to start: 

Chip -

Plum -


And for investing, the app Moneybox helps you invest your spare change -


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